metaQuantome MCP Analysis

On this page, we provide further resources for 1) reproducing the analysis from the manuscript associated with this repository and 2) learning how to use metaQuantome.


We have made two tutorials available:

  1. Command line interface tutorial
  2. Galaxy tutorial

Analysis scripts

All of the analyses from the manuscript may be reproduced by cloning the GitHub repository.

To reproduce the analyses, you can install metaQuantome v1.0.0 into a conda environment (called mqome in this repository) with the following command:

conda create -n mqome metaquantome=1.0.0

Then each of the analysis scripts can be run ( in the root directory of the repo).

Additionally, the scripts may be viewed online at each subdirectory of the GitHub repo:

  1. Functional benchmarking
  2. Taxonomic benchmarking
  3. Oral microbiome case study